Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Wages of Knitting Is...


Yes, these are the bowls I received in exchange for the knee-high stripey socks I knit. They came in the mail today and they are very lovely to behold. And my very cool partner sent 5 bowls, when the swap was only supposed to be for 4! I'm getting swap-spoiled all over the place, here.

Check them out. There's this beautiful bluesy-greensy one:

There are these two lighter blue ones, each alike in dignity:

There's this checked one that I absolutely adore:

But my absolute favorite is this one. I think the glazing on this is really sort of stunning:

So there you have it. Who's a lucky knitter? I am.


Anonymous said...

I used to throw pottery years ago & refuse to give that up as a part of my identity. Someday I'll get back into the studio. So here goes - on with my comment:

Coming from a potter - THOSE BOWLS ARE LOVELY!! Enjoy.

Ms. Angie said...

Thanks! I'm really thrilled with them!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Great swap! Beautiful bowls.

marglue said...

those bowls are to die for!