Saturday, January 26, 2008

Int'l Delete Your Myspace Day this coming Wednesday, Jan 30th. You can read about it here:

I'm going to delete my Myspace that day. But of course, my reasons are different from his reasons. I've had my profile set to private for a while now, and so I don't get many new annoying fem-bot messages or anything like that. And I don't have a Facebook account, so this isn't about thinking Facebook is better... although I do have a Ravelry account, so if you knit or crochet you should sign up for that.

So, why would I want to remove myself from the world's largest social networking site? Exactly. It's the world's fucking largest social networking site. Despite the fact that there are many awesome people on Myspace, it still appeals to the lowest common denominator. I see it every day at the library. People are addicted to their Myspace, and I feel a tiny shudder of horror whenever I'm faced with that at work. I throw up in my mouth a little every time someone comes to tell me that "there's something wrong with the computer" because their stupid Myspace won't load. I know that deleting my Myspace won't cause a dent in anyone else's, and it certainly won't give those people a much-needed brain transplant, but it will make me feel just a teensy bit better.

So, no judgement on anyone who doesn't delete their Myspace. I'm doing this primarily because of what I see at work

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