Thursday, August 30, 2007

Library Adventure Bonanza

Today I actually witnessed a man blow his nose on his t-shirt. Just lifted it up off his belly and honked on it. Yep.

Also today I noticed that one of the people waiting for a computer smelled like soap! Soap! Instead of something else! I thought, 'Whoa! Things are looking up!' But it was a false alarm, because when I told one of my colleagues about it, she laughed and said, "Yeah, they're visiting from Australia."

And finally, I am forced to point out that not every miniscule little topic has an entire section of books, muchless one whole book, about it. Looking for the section on the pronounciation of the names of angels? Sorry. There isn't one.

Sunday, August 26, 2007


I joined Swap-Bot a few weeks ago and have been happily swapping away. It's great. So great that I decided to host my own swap!

The swap I'm hosting is a Short-Short Story swap. We will be swapping an original short-short story of 60 words or fewer plus title. Go check the swap out at:

The last day to sign up will be Sept. 10th. Come join my swap!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Adventures at the Reference Desk

Today one of our regular patrons told me that I sure have nice teeth. How kind of him to notice on this, the one morning I couldn't brush due to cohabitation and overlapping bathroom schedules.

Someone was looking for books on chickens. Books on keep and raising chickens? No. Books on minimum requirements for showing chickens. Did we have a book on showing chickens? To my eternal surprise, we did.

Another person was looking for books on cats, domestic and wild. Turns out his elderly neighbor believed a recently-appearing stray cat to be from Africa.

A young girl asked if she might sing for us. The answer was yes, if the song was not too loud.