Sunday, January 27, 2008

Best Swap Package Evah!

So I was in this yarn swap where we were supposed to swap some silver or gray yarn. Pretty simple, yes? Well, my swap partner outdid herself. It was her very first swap and she was amazing!!! First off, everything came all wrapped up pretty like a present:

Now, keep in mind that all she really signed up to send was some yarn...

But what she actually did send, aside from the yarn, was this:

Clockwise from top left, European instant cappuccino, some sea-themed stickers, a little notebook, 3 chocolate bars from Belarus (where she currently lives), a sticker she had made for me concerning my love of certain mollusks, 3 Imp's Ears samples from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (squeal!), one of those German Kinder Eggs, and a set of hand-made glass stitch markers for knitting shaped like octopuses (octopodes?)! How fantastic is that? This lady really did her homework and picked out goodies that she knew I would specifically like. And how much harder was this for her, living as she does in Belarus? Amazing.

And then there's the yarn she sent. Oh yes. The yarn.

This beautiful, luxurious yarn is 50% merino wool, 50% silk. 400 yards of it, which is enough for socks even for my big feet. And the colorway is called "Summer Storm." Fan-freaking-tastic.

How lucky am I? Very lucky.


Anonymous said...


I'm so flattered! Everyone deserves a good spoiling now and then...especially birthday buds!

Simon Owens said...

Hey, I saw that you linked to my International Delete Your Myspace Account Day post earlier. Well, starting at midnight the celebration begins. I put up a new post with detailed instructions of how to delete a myspace profile.

Anonymous said...

Found you from "ltwis" --- what a great package! Looking forward to reading your blog.

Jenny said...

Heck! That package makes ME happy...and it wasn't even for me...

ps. I miss you