Friday, January 12, 2007


They are finished, thank god. My first ratty-tatty pair of socks, knit on #2 Clover dpns and Addi Turbo circs, with the heel flap and turn done on #1's for sturdiness. I used the Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton sock yarn, which is 45% cotton, 42% wool and 13% polyamid. And I even had some left over.

To be quite honest, I fucked up a lot with these socks, not that you can really tell so much from the picture. But that was the point, right? These were the Learning to Knit Socks socks. And since they're only for me, I guess I don't care too much that they're so very far from perfect. Still, I think I need to make at least another pair before I feel confident enough to gift some to anyone. So, the St. Paddy socks will be the next pair for me, and then after that maybe I'll be ready to make socks for Grandma.

Ahhhhhhhh. Breathe that sweet sock-freedom.

And since the Awful Socks are now laundered and folded up in my sock drawer, I can turn my attention back to the other WIPs. There's the lace scarf I'm making for Bev, out of this crazy fingering weight alpaca/silk blend. This is the first lace I've knit using actual lace yarn. And it's been a while since I've worked on this lace, despite my promise to myself that I was going to touch the lace every day. Oh well. There's also a hat for Jenn, a felted object for The Boy, a swatch I started for a shawl, and a head-band made from the pattern on the super-cute Brooklyn Michelle's blog.

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