Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Small Step Back

So, after charting out a simple intarsia diamond pattern for The Boy's Felted Object and getting that well under way, I looked deep into the knitting and had a change of heart. The yarn, I decided was simply too nice to be felted into oblivion. Also, I didn't have enough to finish the project, and the thought of going out and buying more of this nice pretty yarn with the intention of felting all the neat thick-n-thin texture out of it seemed like a crime. So I pulled it out, wound it back up, and put it aside for some other Boy-oriented project. Now I've got to go and buy some normal felting yarn and knit that thing up quick. It was originally going to be a xmas present, and it's well overdue.

And other than that I've been having a fantastic time being an intern. I'm learning a lot about the daily life of a library program. It's great. I almost feel like a grown-up.

Hot Cha!

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