Friday, January 5, 2007

Sock Hole

I cannot allow socks to beat me. I must knit more socks, if for no other reason than that I keep buying sock yarn,which will eventually pile up and haunt my dreams if I don't start knitting with it.


I've been forcing myself into a sock compulsion. I went and bought a pair of the Addi Turbo circs, as per the advice of the LYS lady. And I guess the Addies really are faster, if you don't count all the little dropped stitches I have to stop and fix. I swear, these needles are slicker than David Bowie in a rainstorm. But I think I'm finally getting used to them, which is good because they're a little on the es'pensive side for this knitter. And yet, I want another pair...

Yesterday I fell into a sock hole. I woke up at about 8am and did little else but knit on sock #2 all day. I had planned to do other things, useful and important things, but before I knew it the day was gone and I was over halfway through the heel flap. Which is good, because I have come to hate hate hate the 2x2 leg ribbing. It's my own fault, I know, but I wanted something simple for my first pair of socks.

But my second pair of socks? Oh hoho, I've already got it worked out: lacy knee-highs. And if that weren't crazy enough, I've given myself a deadline too. March 17. Yep. These will be the St. Patrick's Day socks, and I plan to wear them out drinking. I think by then I'll need a drink, don't you? But wait until you see how pretty these socks will be! I've chosen the Waterfall Socks pattern from Knitspot. Go look at it; it's lovely and I think it'll be relatively easy to add in purl stitches between the lace to make them big enough to go around my oh-so-shapely calves. And the yarn? What would be more suitable for the St. Patty's socks than Fearless Fibers Kildare colorway? Oh tremble, all you non-believers.

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