Friday, September 26, 2008

We Call Upon the Author

We went and saw Nick Cave in concert this week in Seattle. It was so, sooo good.

I've loved Nick Cave for, oh, 13 years now and I never really thought I'd get to see him. The show exceeded my expectations in a lot of ways. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds did a great and energetic live show. They played a really great mix of old and new stuff which surprised me because it seems like when a band is touring to support a new album most of what they play comes off the new album.

I really can't say enough about what a good time I had. After it was over I got one of the sound guys to give me a copy of the set list, which I've scanned in below. They also did a 3-song encore which included "Get Ready for Love," but I can't quite remember what the other 2 songs were. Oh, and it's on the set list, but they didn't do "The Weeping Song," which is too bad because it would've been interesting to hear him do it with someone other than Blixa Bargeld (I love that man's name). Oh, and "We Call Upon the Author"? Really outstanding.

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