Sunday, September 9, 2007

Something Pleasant, For a Change

I thought this time I'd just share some nice pictures with you.

Last weekend my sister Missy was here from Phoenix. I had a great time while she was here, but one of the cool things we got to do was walk around and shop in Portland one afternoon with Chiara.

We got lattes and whole beans at Stumptown. That was probably the best latte I've ever had. And look how pretty:

And here was this great mural we saw. It reminded the three of us of many things. It reminded me of Brian Andreas, for one.

Sometimes when I take my walks around Aberdeen I see blackberries growing in people's yards. I know I shouldn't eat berries out of a stranger's yard, but sometimes I do anyway.

Here's this nice old elementary school that's kitty-corner from our place:

And here's some nice lush tree moss:

Nico and I have also gone to the Spar Cafe in Olympia a couple of times. We likes it.

So there you are. Things aren't all bad.

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