Friday, May 11, 2007

Graduation and What's Next

Damn. It's been almost a month. Sorry.

Tomorrow afternoon I wear the dumb robes and funny hat and I celebrate the completion of my degree with all the other graduates at the U of A. Wow. It's almost too much to think about. I didn't take any time off between high school and college, or between college and grad school. And during college I only took one semester off. I've been in school for a long time now, and I'm about to be officially done.

I've been applying for library positions (6 of them so far) in a couple different states, and until yesterday I'd only gotten 1 interview. Now I have in interview in two weeks (eek) in a small town in WA state. I just bought my plane ticket and I plan to stay with a friend in the Seattle area. I am trying to be calm. It is hard to do. I'm feeling a little light-headed, although that may just be the heat (my swamp cooler's broken and I don't have AC).

So, wish me luck with the interview. And with getting my swamp fixed.

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Anonymous said...

washington residents demand pictures of the seattle trip!!!