Monday, April 20, 2009

It's Spring!

Two beautiful, warm sunny days here in Oly! Two days of making dinner on the grill! And lots of flowers flowering:

Also, look at what's growing outside next to my patio:

Looks like a great big weed, huh? But my upstairs neighbor informs me that it is Russian Red kale. He came down one day and told me all about how I could eat it. Apparently he had gotten some seeds and just dropped a couple over the side of his balcony for us. Wow. So this week I'm going to try putting some in a cheese frittata. It's getting to be time to plant some herbs and chiles and tomatoes and hops soon. Hooray!

And oh yeah, congrats to Vermont too!


Mairvin and Pals said...

No, seriously. I can't abandon my mortgage, my marriage, my child and my 100 degree weather in April and move to Olympia. Stop tempting me.

Jeffowick said...

I want neighbors who plant magical seeds in my backyard without my knowledge...that would be rad. Step one: get a backyard.