Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Disappointed, Not Surprised

Well, it looks like the library levy lid lift (say that 8 times fast - I defy you) did not pass.

I'm not surprised, but I am disappointed. This means that my library system will be cutting services because we don't have the money to maintain the current service level (Thanks, housing market!). While we don't yet know what exactly will be cut or reduced, we can make some educated guesses: books and materials, hours of operation, staffing levels and pay/benefits are probably the biggies.

Hopefully my job will not be cut, and hopefully no one whose job may be cut will choose to bump me out of my position. But there's a chance. Anybody need a slightly used librarian?

Maybe I should've gone to pastry school after all.


clumsygirl said...

Foo on that. I totally hear you. We just received a list of items on the possible cut list for our school district. I'm also hearing from older and wiser sources that I should be ordering any printing supplies now that I might need next year.


Anonymous said...

I'll be keeping fingers crossed for you.

Why is it that they always cut the fundamentals first?