Friday, July 4, 2008


Because it is an election year, because our country is at war and because it is the 4th of July, my plan had been to have today's post be thoughtful and political. And just so you'd know I wasn't too stuck up, I was going to start the whole thing off with a Morrissey quote.

But plans have changed. When I woke up this morning and stood in the kitchen drinking a glass of water I noticed my cat crouched at the back door, making little cat grunts. I followed her gaze and saw a bunny sitting out in the grass, rapidly inhaling some dandelions. And then I notice something else...


And this:

And this:

Something ate my pepper plants! Gah! And they were ALL flowering or JUST ABOUT to flower! They were getting so tall, and just last night Nico had commented that the peppers were exploding with growth. And now they're stubby and it will take them forever to recover.

What creature was the culprit? Was it rabbits? We've seen deer walk past outside, was it a deer? An ambitious squirrel? Something else? Was it the hand of God reaching down to pluck the flowered crowns off my beloved plants? Who knows.

I'm very sad.

So far, the 4 peppers that are in the ground rather than in pots are still there...

I have to cover them up with something so they'll be safe. Sigh. I'm not used to this.


Mairvin and Pals said...

Yeah, it's not like in Arizona where there is no living being able to brave the heat and eat your plants, and even if there was, your plant wouldn't survive the heat anyway. That why I only grow weeds. I'm not as upset when they keel over.

Anonymous said...

That stinks! Hope your plants recover and you are able to eat a a few peppers.

Angela said...

OH NO!!!! I would be devistated if I saw that!!! Right before they flower too!!! UGH. Maybe I need to go protect our pepper plants now!