Saturday, May 17, 2008


Yes we are. In the new place in Oly! And internet finally just got hooked back up today. Slowly unpacking. Bought some generic chile plants and planted them in the rocky dirt next to the back door. They will probably die. Everyone at work keeps asking about my commute, but it's really quite nice. Last night took a walk down by Capital Lake. Ahhh. This is more like what I imagined living in the Pacific NW would be like. For the first time since leaving Tucson life feels normal and comfortable again. Now if only we had a bed.

Pictures will happen as soon as we make the place into something other than a mess of boxes. It could be a while.


Jenn said...

Glad you are in your new place. It's amazing how water just makes you feel grounded isn't it?

I'll email you with my new address! I love care packages! Thanks for thinking of me.

mairvin said...

I will think of you every day as I swelter on my back porch with a whiny baby.